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If you prefer to order by mail, please print this order form, fill it out, and mail your payment to the address at the bottom of this page.

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Hands-On English, Second Ed., 
The Activity Book (Reproducible Edition),
and Hands-On Sentences
Hands-On English
(ISBN : 0-9664867-5-7)
The Activity Book: Reproducible Edition
(ISBN : 0-9664867-6-5)
The Activity Book: Consumable Edition
(ISBN : 0-9664867-7-3)
The Activity Book: Student Workbook
(ISBN : 0-9664867-9-X)
Hands-On Sentences $9.95
Hands-On Icons $4.95
S, M, L, XL
Subtotal: $
Sales Tax:
6.425% (MO Residents only+)
Use Tax:
__% (TX and KS Residents only++)
Shipping and Handling+++ $

* If ordering by P.O., a copy of the P.O. must be received before shipment.

** Please indicate on your order form the size and quantity for each T-Shirt that you are ordering.

+ Missouri customers with tax-exempt status, please enclose a copy of your tax letter.

++ Texas and Kansas customers will be charged a use tax based upon the percentage charged by their municipality. Texas and Kansas customers with tax-exempt status, please enclose a copy of your tax letter.

+++ Shipping Costs for personal orders:
$5.00 for one Activity Book (Reproducible Edition or Consumable Edition) 
$4.00 for one Hands-On English or Student Workbook 
$2.00 for one Hands-On Sentences, one Hands-On Icons, or one T-Shirt
(If you are ordering more than one item, start with the highest shipping charge and add $0.50 for each additional item.)

The shipping charge for the "Package" is $6.00, the same as it would be if you ordered the products without taking advantage of our package offer.  The cost for each additional Package is $1.50.

Shipping charges listed apply only to personal orders shipped within the United States. Charges for large institutional orders may vary and will be figured on an individual basis. Charges for international shipping will also be calculated individually, based upon the country where the product is to be shipped and the method of shipping used.

Prices subject to change without notice.

All prices are in U.S. dollars ($) and are expected to be paid in U.S. dollars.

Author Autographed Copy

Fran Hamilton is happy to personally autograph books for personal orders. If you would like your book autographed by the author, please indicate information you would like in the personal inscription.

Please send all comments and inquiries to

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