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Hands-On English: Reviews and Testimonials

"Hands-On English truly lives up to its name; information is at one's fingertips. And the information is readable, easy to grasp, and complete. There has always been a need for this book. How nice that there's now a book to fill the need."
--Patricia Broderick, Teaching K-8

" . . . just the discussion and listing of the common morphemes make this book worth purchasing. . . . This user-friendly volume is sure to become a favorite resource on the English language."
--School Library Journal, February, 1999

"The book's use of simple line drawings, large amounts of white space, and frequent bold headings make an often-feared subject seem less intimidating. . . . Hamilton answers just about any question a student could have about grammar or writing, and she does so in an easy-to-use format."
--VOYA, April, 1999

"Anyone who wants to get back to the basics of English grammar, or to help a young student build a solid foundation in English, should own a copy of Hands-On English."
--SPELL/Binder, September/October, 1998

[Hands-On English and The Activity Book] together provide a solid, foundational grammar course for students grades 4 through about 9."
--Christian Home Educators' Curriculum Manuals, 2000

"Since we have been using Hands-On English, my children look forward to English--and I am comfortable explaining it to them."
--Adrienne Mastrobattista, Pennsylvania Homeschooler

"Hands-On English is a worthwhile addition to any home library."
--Homeschooling Today, September/October, 1999

"Hands-On English is a thoroughly accessible guide to grammar. With wit, visuals, and precision, Fran Hamilton unravels the mysteries of syntax and punctuation. But she doesn't stop there. She delves into ways to expedite one's writing, as well as how to use the correct form in letters, outlines, footnotes, and bibliographies. This excellent reference is for grades 4 and up."
--Rodney Stevens, The Herald (Columbia, SC), June, 1999

"[Hands-On English] is particularly appealing when one compares it to the many lame and carelessly written 'how to' writing books currently on the market. Even though it is apparently aimed at students, Hands-On English is still an excellent tool for business-people, engineers, or anyone else who would like to write more effectively."
--Frederick S. Holton, University of St. Thomas

"Hands-On English definitely belongs in every home library. It has been a quick reference for me and a tremendous help in putting together the text for my historical atlas."
--Harvey F. Fletcher, retired cartographer, San Antonio, TX

"In Hands-On English Fran Hamilton gives clarity and meaning to the rules of writing. She masterfully simplifies complex rules and definitions so that they become useful tools for writing instead of barriers. The book can be used as a basis for classroom teaching or as a reference for writers -- regardless of their level of experience. Each of my grandchildren will have a copy of Hands-On English to begin the fourth grade."
--Dr. Al Burr, Burr Educational Enterprises, Ltd.

"Hands-On English is a caring and common-sense approach to using our glorious mother tongue correctly."
--Richard Lederer, co-author of The Write Way

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