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The Activity Book

The Activity Book includes practice pages to help people master the concepts presented in Hands-On English. There is great variety in the activities -- from the objective to the open-ended. 

Like Hands-On English, the Activity Book works well with a variety of ages, from about fourth grade through adult.

The Activity Book

  • includes a brief review of concepts

  • develops skills in small increments

  • fosters thorough understanding

  • reinforces target concepts

  • includes section tests

  • offers open-ended activities

  • integrates language arts skills

  • includes opportunities for developing writing skills

  • encourages leisure reading

  • promotes efficient study habits

  • nurtures an appreciation of the English language

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More about the book

Table of Contents
About the Author

Sample pages in Adobe® Reader® (PDF)

The following pages are .PDF files in the Adobe® Reader® format.  If you cannot open the sample pages, you will need to download the reader file using the button below.

Subject-Verb Agreement
Denotation and Connotation
Preview a Chapter or Article
Evaluating Your First Draft
Self-Evaluation: Test Taking

The Activity Book to accompany the Second Edition of Hands-On English:
Reproducible Edition175 practice and test pages plus 26 pages of answers and notes. In 1-inch binder. ISBN 0966486765.  $29.95. 

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Consumable Edition. 175 practice and test pages plus 26 pages of answers and notes. In 1-inch binder. Not reproducible. ISBN 0966486773.  $19.95. 
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Student Workbook. 154 practice pages. Not reproducible. No tests, answers, or notes. 3-hole-drilled bound book with perforated pages. ISBN 096648679X. $14.95
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Need the First Edition?  Questions?  Not sure what you need?  Give us a call at 1-888-641-5353 to find the product that best meets your needs.

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Reproducible Edition or Consumable Edition: $5.00; Student Workbook: $4.00
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